• Branded or Generic AppBranded or Generic AppDrive your own brand recognition or run our generic App version to reach your mobile customers. Add your location(s) to our coalition of thousands of merchants and share offers and incentives to attract new customers.
  • PunchcardPunchcardIntegrated to your current Loyalty Program or serving as a standalone Loyalty program via Punch Card and behavior Points allows you to target offers and rewards
  • Digital Coupons & IncentivesDigital Coupons & IncentivesWhether standard Flyer Ads, Targeted Coupons, Random Rewards or Feedback & LIKES related response offers, you’re in control of which offers your Customers and New Customers receive. Scan, PLU, or Present and Save offers – provide digital settlement to vendors and partners for Sponsored Rewards.
  • Site LocatorSite LocatorSite Information, Maps and navigation based on geo-code puts all your Dots on the Map for your motoring customers.
  • Feedback & Secret ShopperFeedback & Secret ShopperAvoid the ‘Shock-and-Awe’ of periodic ‘SHOPS’ by hearing from your Loyal Customers regularly and compare or use to appeal the ‘Prima-dona’ results. Drive reward programs for sharing and frequent feedback to accumulate critical mass.
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